Rainbow Cafe



Rainbow community café is situated in the Partington Library and Wellbeing Centre,
Central Road, Partington.

We are open Monday – Friday 7am- 1:30pm
(Hot food served till 1pm Monday-Friday )

We serve good wholesome, home-cooked food at affordable prices. All the food is homemade on the premises daily. Eat in or take away. Outside catering, buffets and cakes available for any occasion.

Please see Tracy or David at the Rainbow community café for any enquiries

Rainbow community café price list

Price List

Large breakfast                                                                               £4.00p

Small breakfast                                                                               £2.00p

Any 3 breakfast items

Bacon barm                                                                                      £2.20p

Sausage barm                                                                                  £2.20p

Cheese on toast                                                                               £2.20p

Beans on toast                                                                                 £2.20p

Teacake                                                                                             80p


Egg mayo                                                                                          £2.00p

Cheese salad                                                                                     £2.60

Tuna mayo                                                                                        £2.20p

Ham salad                                                                                         £2.80p

Turkey salad                                                                                     £2.80p


Egg                                                                                                     £2.50p

Cheese                                                                                               £2.80p

Tuna                                                                                                   £2.60p

Ham                                                                                                   £3.00p

Turkey                                                                                                £3.00p


Cheese                                                                                               £2.80p

Beans                                                                                                 £2.50p

Tuna                                                                                                   £2.80p

Extra toppings                                                                                  50p

Daily specials (see white board)

Large tea                                                                                           80p cup 40p

Large coffee                                                                                      90p cup 45p

Milky coffee                                                                                       large £1.20p small 60p

Cappuccino                                                                                       £1.70p small 85p

Hot chocolate                                                                                    £1.60p small 80p

Cold drinks                                                                                        80p