June 5, 2019

Volunteer Week 2019

Celebrating our wonderful hard working volunteers here at the Library and Wellbeing Centre. We value your dedication and commitment to support the work of the Library and Wellbeing Centre.

Here, a few of our volunteers share their experiences :


I volunteered for Bluesci seven years ago, so that I would have a sense of usefulness, and since becoming a volunteer I have gained lots of confidence with helping people, something which I had I had never done before.

I get lots of self- satisfaction from helping people, watching them progress, and using their new found skills to make their lives much better.

I feel that the benefits of Digital Inclusion are extremely important for wellbeing especially for people who may not have used a computer before. As it helps to reduce isolation and some who may be missing out on vital knowledge as everything is ‘online’ these days.


I chose to become a volunteer with Bluesci because I want to work in an admin/reception role in the future. I know that being a volunteer will help me gain the experience in this role and help me learn the skills I will need for the future.

I enjoy being on reception at the Library here at Partington, meeting different people and helping them with all sorts of things. Some people think that working in a library is boring, but, it really isn’t, there is so much to do believe it or not. The people I work with are nice, friendly and welcoming which makes me look forward to coming in.